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  • Broad River Cobia

    Broad River Cobia

    The time is very very VERY near and feels like a century since last season, especially after this damn cold...

  • "Fourth Quarter Win" - The Palometa Club

    "Fourth Quarter Win" - The Palometa Club

    "Fourth Quarter Win" - Palometa Club A Novella of sorts...03-21-14 - 03-26-14 By Ryan Griffin Before I begin, let...

  • Everglades Butter

    Everglades Butter

    I Just got back from an epic trip down in Islamorada and the Everglades fishing with my buddy Harry (the one with the...

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#Floodtideco - Our community

it’s about being a part of...

something bigger, the "good stuff" that makes up that day on the water.  It's about the "things" that happen between the casts, the fish and the coming home.  Whether you are knee deep in the marsh or the coldest mountain waters your legs have ever felt, you are fishing...and that's all that matters.  The people you fish with are like a second family, these friends are timeless....not unlike the memories and the waters that we all share.  It is the company that you surround yourself with on these waters that make these fish that we chase memorable.  Here in the Lowcountry, we call it Flood Tide Company.